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Santa Clara VS Braga

Santa Clara welcome Braga for this LigaPortugal round 15 clash at Estádio de São Miguel in Ponta Delgada early Friday morning Beijing time. The biggest, usually somewhat smart bookmakers with the largest stake limits offer odds of around 1.65-1.70 on Braga to travel home with all three points. These odds are too high as there is a very clear difference this season between the two teams. Yes, the home advantage has to, of course, be taken into account here but Braga have been extremely strong on the road in this league! Indeed, they have grabbed a higher number of points away from home than any team in Liga Portugal – 18 to be precise winning six of the seven matches with a goal difference of 18:7. Braga have rich owners and have a very bright future ahead of them. They have clearly improved from last season when they were already strong, finishing in 4th place after Benfica, Porto and Sporting CP who have all done well even in the UEFA Champions League! At the moment Braga occupy the 3rd place in the standings and have 31 in the pocket. Their score difference is also great – 31:12! 3rd is also their place in my power rating that illustrates the teams' pure class and I would not be shocked if they were to even take a top-2 place at the end of the season. They have won four of their latest five matches in Liga Portugal and 6/7 in all competitions.

In their most recent match Braga crushed Benfica 3-0 at home! What a superb performance priced around 5.00 by the bookmakers to win this Liga Portugal game. They were clearly undervalued in this clash. Today I see them having an at least 65% chance of winning. Benfica are a very strong team and currently top the standings with 37 points to their account. They did have 61% ball possession but Braga recorded many more shots on goal and scoring attempts. This win must be a massive boost for Braga's confidence and improve their already very good team spirit – according to sources. They also have an excellent coach in Artur Jorge. Braga have an edge over Santa Clara in all areas of the game but especially their very creative and well-structured offense is lightyears better than that of the hosts. Santa Clara are having a very disappointing season and might even be relegated to Liga Portugal2 for next season. They have scored just 11 goals and are in 15th place in this league with a total of 18 clubs. Their defense is okay but still worse than the number of goals allowed (14) would reflect.. They will surely  try to defend hard, relying on counter attacks to score and would be happy with a draw.. Braga's strikers have the ability to break even well-organized defenses and I trust them to do just that. Moreover, Santa Clara have lost four of their most recent five matches and played one draw. Even the draw came against a small team, Oliveirense, in a Portuguese League Cup clash late last November. They must be low in confidence and even a small improvement from the recent games is probably not enough to take points here! In their most recent game they lost to another disappointing team, Gil Vicente, 0-1 away from home and recorded just one shot on target!



圣克拉拉欢迎布拉加参加本次葡甲第15轮比赛,北京时间周五凌晨在蓬塔德尔加达球场Estádio de São Miguel。最大的,通常有点聪明的*公司有最大的赌注限制,为布拉加提供约1.65-1.70的*,带着三分回家。这个几率太高了,因为本赛季两队之间的差距非常明显。是的,主场优势当然是必须考虑在内的,但是布拉加在这个联赛中的客场表现非常强大!事实上,他们在客场获得的积分比任何一支西甲葡萄牙球队都多——准确地说,他们在7场比赛中赢了6场,净胜球为18:7。布拉加拥有富有的老板,他们有一个非常光明的未来。与上赛季相比,他们已经有了明显的进步,他们在本菲卡,波尔图和里斯本竞技之后排名第四,即使在欧洲冠军联赛中也表现出色!目前布拉加在积分榜上排名第三,有31个进球。他们的比分差距也很大——31:12!第三名也是他们在我的力量评级中的位置,这说明了这支球队的纯粹水平,如果他们在赛季结束时占据前2名的位置,我也不会感到震惊。他们在最近的5场西甲联赛中赢了4场,在所有赛事中赢了6胜7负。



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