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The match between Brentford and Liverpool can bring us a lot of excitement and a large number of goals. Brentford simply cultivates such a style of football that it does not hesitate to attack any opponent, especially on its own field with the huge support of its fans, while we all already know the way Liverpool plays. Although the bet on Liverpool's victory is perhaps a more "logical" choice, I believe that Brentford is not without a chance in this match and can draw this match, and I am quite sure that if they lose, it will not be by more than one goal difference. In two matches after the World Cup, Brentford showed that they can really cause problems for their rivals. In the great match they played against Tottenham, they won a point and they certainly weren't satisfied with just one point because they had a 2-0 lead in that match, but they still didn't last until the end. This was followed by a match against West Ham and an even better game by Brentford, where they recorded a safe 2-0 victory. They gained a two-goal advantage already in the first half, thanks to their best player Ivan Toney, who recorded a goal and an assist. Towards the end of that match, he suffered an injury, but according to information from the club, the injury is not as serious as thought and he will be ready for this match.

They will be visited by Liverpool, which is obviously playing a lot worse due to the large number of injured players and Klopp is forced to make unwanted rotations in the starting line-up. Although after the match against Aston Villa it seemed that they could overcome this crisis, the match with Leicester pointed out the shortcomings in this composition of Liverpool. They won 2-1, but the fans have no reason to be satisfied as Leicester scored two own goals to give Liverpool the win. In previous seasons, as well as at the beginning of this season, their game was based on actions on the sidelines, but currently they do not have players in their ranks who can do that. With the departure of Sadio Mane, that place was more than well filled by Jota and Luis Diaz, but since both of them were injured, that place was occupied by Oxlade-Chamberlain in the last two matches, for whom it is simply not a natural position and it is noticeable. Alexander-Arnold was recognizable for his forays down the right touchline and brilliant delivery of the ball into the penalty area, but in the last few months there has been a more than noticeable decline in his form and confidence. When we add to all that the overpaid first striker of the team Darwin Nunez, who has not been able to take advantage of a huge number of 100% opportunities for several matches, we get a team that can hardly be considered absolute favorites against any team from the Premier League. Simply, Liverpool is not as confident as before and they are vulnerable in many places on the pitch. Brentford definitely has players who can take advantage of that and I wouldn't be surprised if they take the lead in today's match, which will only make Liverpool's job even more difficult.


布伦特福德和利物浦之间的比赛可以给我们带来很多兴奋和大量的进球。布伦特福德只是培养了这样一种足球风格,它毫不犹豫地攻击任何对手,特别是在自己的球场上,有球迷的巨大支持,而我们都已经知道利物浦的打法。虽然赌利物浦赢球可能是一个更“合乎逻辑”的选择,但我相信布伦特福德在这场比赛中不是没有机会,可以打平这场比赛,而且我很确定,如果他们输了,也不会超过一个净胜球的差距。在世界杯后的两场比赛中,布伦特福德证明了他们真的可以给对手制造麻烦。在那场对热刺的伟大比赛中,他们赢了一分,他们当然不满足于一分,因为他们在那场比赛中2-0领先,但他们仍然没有坚持到最后。接下来是对阵西汉姆联的比赛,布伦特福德的比赛更精彩,他们以2-0安全获胜。他们在上半场就取得了2球的优势,这要归功于他们的最佳球员伊万·托尼(Ivan Toney)的进球和助攻。比赛快结束时,他受了伤,但根据俱乐部的消息,伤势没有想象的那么严重,他将为这场比赛做好准备。



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